Top 7 best devices for rejuvenation and facelift at home

Overview of devices for rejuvenation

Every woman and girl jealously monitors their appearance. If about ten or fifteen years ago only creams and similar products could be used at home, today a large number of specialized devices are commercially available, each of which has its own principle of operation, efficiency, etc. . With their help, you can return a fresh look to the skin, tighten it, get rid of wrinkles and so on.

The presented range is very wide, so choosing the optimal product is not as easy as it might seem at first glance, especially since the functional side of the products is completely different. That is why we decided to rank the best skin rejuvenation devices in 2022 for our readers. In it we will not only talk in detail about the most famous and common options, but also give a number of useful tips that will certainly come in handy when buying this equipment.

How to choose the right device for rejuvenation?

First of all, I would like to note that such devices should be purchased for regular use - only in this case will a positive effect be felt, comparable to salon use of professional devices. Be sure to check the price of the device. Experienced cosmetologists do not recommend giving preference to cheap options, since they do not last too long and their effects are insignificant.

The most demanded today is microcurrent stimulation. It allows you to stimulate the production of amino acids, collagen and elastin in tissues. Muscle stimulators use the same amount of current involved in muscle contraction.

Electroporation helps provide a quality lift. However, devices with this capability have quite a number of features. In particular, they help restore the skin after fairly aggressive cosmetic procedures. Such devices actively fight against increased skin pigmentation, eliminate scars and acne, and make the covers more elastic. Working with these devices is not fraught with painful or unpleasant sensations, the effect of use is felt literally after the first time.

Devices with an ultrasonic effect on tissue and skin are more expensive. The source emits waves at specific frequencies that work with the outer layers of skin, removing dead skin particles from the top surface and slowing down the aging process. Ultrasound helps to improve cell nutrition, saturate them with sufficient moisture, elastin and collagen are produced in large quantities. Devices with a similar function smooth the skin, tighten its contours and so on.

When choosing which products to include in the rating of the best rejuvenating devices, we primarily relied on all of the above parameters. However, we also considered some other parameters. User reviews played a very important role in choosing devices - this allowed us to compile a rating of only the highest quality, most durable and efficient devices.

budget products

Ultrasonic Rejuvenation Machine

ultrasonic device

This device works on the basis of ultrasonic waves, with its help it will be possible to organize an almost professional massage parlor at home. It is very easy to work with the device, it takes good care of the skin of the face and body. Product dimensions are small. The skin tone literally increases after the first application, the pores become narrower and even minor skin problems disappear.

This model works from the built-in lithium-ion battery, the set includes a charger. This device is also capable of producing massage, photophoresis, peeling. The weight of the product is only 300 grams. The case is made of plastic, has an anti-slip coating, the design is ergonomic, so the device is quite easy to hold even with wet hands.


  • Cleanses the skin gently but very high quality;
  • The pores are reduced at the cellular level, which is visually noticeable;
  • Swelling and wrinkles can be combated effectively;
  • There is no pain associated with using the device.


  • Suitable for all skin types, but the best effects are seen on people with oily skin;
  • The battery takes a long time to charge.

Ultrasound machine with light therapy

Rejuvenation device with light therapy

The latest generation product specially designed for full-fledged cosmetic procedures right at home. The device comes with detailed instructions translated into all languages, it is suitable for people regardless of skin type, it fights age-related changes well. There are several modes of operation here - micro-massage, galvanization, light therapy and vibration massage. There is also light radiation in the blue spectrum that can penetrate the skin to a depth of about 0. 5 mm. A similar effect is perfect for skin prone to allergic reactions or with increased oiliness.

The device easily fights acne and narrows pores. There is also red spectrum radiation that penetrates the skin to a depth of 10 mm. The covers warm up well, therefore improved microcirculation is provided, collagen begins to be produced more intensively, the skin regenerates faster. As a result, small wrinkles are completely smoothed out and large ones become almost invisible.


  • Ideal for all skin types;
  • It fights well with age-related changes;
  • Many modes of action and principles of action.

Disadvantages: not suitable for pregnant women, as well as for people with acute infectious diseases.

Microcurrent device for rejuvenation

Microtonic Rejuvenation Machine

The design is equipped with a single nozzle, which has various effects on the skin - rejuvenating, helping to fight cellulite and preventing acne. The effect is based on microcurrent tissue stimulation, radio frequency lifting and light therapy. The pigmentation becomes less pronounced, even the deepest wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin becomes elastic, the natural shine returns.

There are up to six modes of operation. The skin warms up well to a considerable depth. Applying nourishing creams or other compounds to the skin before using the device will help the nourishing compounds penetrate the skin cells faster and saturate them. The device comes in a plastic case with an anti-slip coating, so it won't slip even with wet hands. The device is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, which is sufficient for about 50-60 minutes of continuous operation. A full charge is enough for three to four full uses. There is a fairly large LCD display that shows all the necessary information for users. There's also an automatic shut-off timer - it's designed for a maximum of 10 minutes.


  • Combines a variety of different functions;
  • Good fight against cellulite;
  • Suitable for all skin types.

Disadvantages: The effect occurs after about two to three weeks of regular use of the product.

Light therapy device for rejuvenation

Device LED therapy

The development of Korean scientists is based on using the beneficial effects of light therapy on the human body. LED therapy treats serious skin problems such as aging and acne. Thanks to light waves, the pores of the skin of the face are temporarily opened, the beneficial components of cosmetic products penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis, activating the processes of rejuvenation, nutrition and hydration. The product supports the function of electrical muscle stimulation, under the influence of electricity, muscles contract like face-building, eliminating skin fading, nasolabial folds, lowering of the corners of the lips, and forming a clear contour of the face.

In addition, the device helps to cleanse the epidermis from dust and pollution, as well as remove residues of makeup. Galvanic currents and a special disinfecting lotion are used to destroy comedones, which are effortlessly removed from the pores.


  • Unique light therapy technology;
  • Application security, recovery after procedures is not required;
  • improvement of the complexion.

Cons: none found.

Ultrasound device for rejuvenation

Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser

A unique device has appeared on the market, combining a number of important and integral procedures for the face and body. It has already received a lot of positive feedback, both in terms of ease of use and the effects noticeable to the naked eye, noted by women of different age groups. The device easily copes with the elimination of the most important remarks on the appearance of the skin of the face: the removal of the horny layer by ultrasound is the safest, non-traumatic method of cleaning the skin that does not cause allergic reactions. It helps in the fight against black dots by exposing them to microcurrents that "explode" them, so to speak, after which they safely leave your face. It normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, eliminates comedones and even relieves small scars.

Another rare function for products of this type, which is present in the device, is a lifting massage, which thanks to microcurrents acts on the muscles of the face and neck, thereby tightening the oval, removing sagging skin and cheeks, smoothing imitating wrinkles. And a nice bonus is working in relaxing massage mode. At the same time, it is worth noting the democratic cost of the device.


  • The result of ultrasonic cleaning in combination with microcurrents and micromassage is preserved for a long time.
  • It can be used with various cosmetics as it is moisture, acid and oil resistant.

Disadvantages: contraindicated for skin with implants (gold threads, postoperative metal clips and others).

Devices with the best price-performance ratio

Radio Frequency Rejuvenation Device

Radio frequency device with microcurrents for rejuvenation

Provides thorough and painless care for the skin of the face and neck, regardless of age. With regular use, even transverse wrinkles can be combated and sagging of the skin can be prevented. It not only works well with the skin, but also with tissues, restoring their elasticity. The device has up to three modes of operation that combine massage, thermotherapy and exposure to pulsed light. This makes the product a good analogue of professional cosmetic procedures.

The blue mode is designed to work with relatively young skin. It relaxes muscles, relieves tension in the neck, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and wrinkles. Blue impulses additionally saturate the skin with oxygen, balance its tone and tighten the pores. The green mode of action reduces tension in the neck muscles and also accelerates blood circulation. The red mode heats the tissues up to 45 degrees, which significantly accelerates the skin's metabolism.


  • Ideal for women of all ages;
  • Can effectively affect skin of any type;
  • Suitable for face, neck and body;
  • Combines multiple shot types;
  • Compact dimensions and low weight.

Cons: fights acne for quite a long time.

Care Ultrasound Device

Ultrasound care device

The care device specializes in ultrasonic cleaning of facial skin. It has a unique function - removing comedones by exposing them to a galvanic current and a special alkaline solution, as a result of which they dissolve and are removed. In its arsenal, the device has iontophoresis, which promotes the penetration of drug components through cell membranes, delivers nutrients directly to tissues without injections, while providing anti-aging, nourishing and moisturizing effects; as well as ultrasonic micro-massage, which promotes collagen production in the tissues.

In the lower part of the body there is a special nozzle for influencing the skin with temperatures of 39-42℃, such a massage helps to relax, improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, including in the area behind the ears and on the neck, helps to remove toxins andgives the skin a fresh look.


  • Ultrasonic peeling of the skin and its deep cleansing is similar to a cosmetic procedure;
  • Warming massage that activates cell regeneration;
  • The optimal ratio of the cost of the device and the range of functions.

Cons: None found.


Our test of the best skin rejuvenation devices is coming to an end. We hope that after a thorough study of the rating, you were able to choose the best option for yourself, which will serve you faithfully for many years. If you already have experience with these devices, then please share them with other readers - it will certainly be very useful for them to learn additional information firsthand.