Beauty treatments for the face

Cosmetology offers many opportunities to solve various aesthetic problems of the face and the whole body. To date, there are a number of procedures with proven effectiveness that are used in the daily practice of cosmetologists.

Types of cosmetic procedures

Procedure for rejuvenating the skin of the face

In-salon facials fall into four main groups:

  • Methods of hardware cosmetics. As the name suggests, such in-salon facials involve the use of various devices. Such devices allow you to solve even significant cosmetic problems without surgery.
  • laser cosmetics. This area of cosmetology is based on the use of various types of lasers that can affect the client's body (skin) without performing direct surgical intervention. Such devices act on the body with an intense light source, or they are injury-proof. An experienced professional can regulate the depth of penetration of the laser beam, which completely eliminates or minimizes thermal damage from such an intervention.
  • Medical cosmetology of the face and body. This group of procedures aims to combat various medical problems. It allows you to cope with rather unpleasant phenomena such as alopecia, hyperhidrosis, various neoplasms, scar changes on the skin, cellulite, etc. Medical methods include hardware, laser and aesthetic cosmetology procedures.
  • Aesthetic cosmetics. Such facials are designed to address a variety of aesthetic issues that can lead to psychological discomfort and self-doubt. Aging processes, acne, birthmarks, not beautiful shape of the lips or eyebrows, as well as hair on different parts of the body, of course, are not capable of endangering health, but they can darken life.

All facial treatments in a beauty salon and cosmetology clinic have a number of indications and certain contraindications for carrying them out. In addition, their effectiveness and safety directly depends on the skills of the cosmetologist.

hardware procedure

Facial skin rejuvenation

A noticeable plus of such manipulations is the almost complete absence of discomfort and the rapid achievement of the expected result. The choice of methods of hardware cosmetology is carried out depending on the patient's age, the type and characteristics of the epidermis, as well as the individual characteristics of the body, etc. Many cosmetologists consider hardware facial procedures to be the most effective and at the same time safe.

Electric current for youth and beauty

Almost every cosmetology practice has devices that affect the skin with different types of electric current, allowing you to get rid of various imperfections and visually rejuvenate the face. In particular, cosmetologists can offer:

  • Darsonvalization. When performing such a hardware cosmetic procedure, the skin is affected by an alternating electric current. Darsonvalisation is used alone or in combination with other procedures, such asB. a facial cleansing carried out. The procedure helps to improve blood circulation and lymph flow, remove metabolic products and excess fluid, relax mimic muscles and improve metabolic processes. As a result of Darsonvalization, the skin is rejuvenated, its overall condition improved, puffiness and bags under the eyes disappear, expression lines are smoothed, the epidermis becomes more elastic.
  • galvanotherapy. When performing such a procedure, the cosmetologist acts on the skin with galvanic current in combination with various cosmetic products. This improves cell nutrition, the activity of the sebaceous glands is optimized and the beneficial components of medical cosmetics penetrate deep into the epidermis. Electroplating is widely used in facial cleansing for basic skin care (this procedure is called decontamination) and is also used to maximize the effectiveness of masks and creams. The rejuvenation method of mesotherapy without injection, which is also performed with galvanic current, is especially popular.
  • cryoelectrophoresis. This procedure combines electrophoresis and cryotherapy. Its essence lies in the introduction of frozen medicinal substances into the deep layers of the dermis by exposing the skin to a weak current. Thanks to this manipulation, you can get rid of wrinkles, get rid of rashes, normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands, remove fatty deposits on the face. Also, cryoelectrophoresis visually improves the appearance of the skin, it becomes elastic and elastic, and also acquires an even, pleasant color.

Hardware cosmetics offers very effective anti-aging facial treatments. Some of them can be done successfully from a young age and prevent the aging process.

Hardware peeling

Hardware peeling for rejuvenation

There are different types of hardware peels, and perhaps these facials are among the most popular. Among them:

  • Ultrasonic peeling, also called ultrasonic cleaning. This procedure effectively cleanses the upper layers of the epidermis, eliminates dead cells, small acne and excess sebum. The ultrasonic peeling improves the overall condition of the skin, giving it elasticity and suppleness. However, it does not allow a lasting rejuvenating effect and does not cope with severe contamination of the epidermis. Nevertheless, this method is well suited for inclusion in a complex of facial treatments.
  • vacuum peelingIt's also a popular skin cleansing method that's fairly gentle. It is performed using a special device with a nozzle in which negative pressure is created when touching the skin. This cleans the epidermis of sebum, comedones and dead cells. The skin tone increases, becomes more even, more beautifully colored and fresh. The vacuum peeling procedure is also ineffective in the case of severe contamination of the epidermis.
  • Brosage or brush scrub. When performing such a hardware cosmetic procedure, the skin is cleaned with rotating brushes made of natural bristles. This is a completely painless process capable of loosening the horny layers of the epidermis, improving metabolic processes and blood circulation. Brosage is often done in preparation for other cosmetic procedures.
  • microdermabrasion. This is a pretty serious type of hardware peel compared to all of the above. In this procedure, the skin is attacked by a special machine whose nozzle ejects tiny crystals of aluminum oxide onto the surface of the epidermis. As a result, the surface layer is leveled, scars and small wrinkles are smoothed out. The skin seems to have been erased in layers, which of course is accompanied by injuries. After recovery, the face looks much younger. But in order to achieve a lasting anti-aging effect, several interventions are required.

Hardware peeling techniques perfectly start the processes of skin renewal. Girls with a young epidermis should give preference to minimally invasive procedures, while those with mature skin can already think about microdermabrasion.

Other hardware methods

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Not only electrocution and peeling can help women who want to look good. Among the techniques of hardware cosmetology, there are several more effective facial rejuvenation procedures:

  • photorejuvenation. With this procedure, the face is exposed to an intense stream of light, thanks to which small wrinkles disappear, enlarged pores narrow, and the skin becomes elastic and smooth. In addition, photorejuvenation eliminates spider veins and age spots and improves the complexion.
  • cryotherapy. Cryotherapy sessions consist of affecting the epidermis with low and ultra-low temperatures. Various types of such effects help to rejuvenate the skin or contribute to its recovery after major cosmetic procedures (peeling, laser resurfacing, etc. ).
  • hardware massage. This procedure is also known as LPG massage. It combines the technique of vacuum roller massage and the effects of ultrasound. Hardware massage is considered a fairly effective method of rejuvenation, it helps to improve facial contours, activate metabolic processes, eliminate puffiness, and increase skin tone and elasticity. As a result of such an action, subcutaneous fat is also removed and wrinkles are smoothed out (including the area of \u200b\u200bthe nasolabial folds, expression lines near the eyes, etc. ).

Almost all hardware procedures are categorically contraindicated for girls carrying a child, as well as for people with oncological diseases. Of course, it is impossible to carry out such manipulations during an exacerbation of diseases and inflammatory processes.

laser cosmetics

In principle, all laser processes can be successfully assigned to hardware cosmetics. However, most cosmetologists agree that due to the particularly wide possibilities and versatility of such therapy, they can be divided into a separate group. Among the procedures of laser cosmetics, there are several methods of facial rejuvenation:

  • SMOOTH rejuvenation. This technology is also known as laser express rejuvenation and is one of the most gentle procedures. Its essence lies in the even and gentle heating of the skin with a laser. At the same time, redness and swelling on the skin rarely appear after the procedure. SMOOTH-rejuvenation eliminates bags under the eyes, accumulations of fluid (oedema) and small wrinkles. In addition, this procedure contributes to the narrowing of the pores and a noticeable lightening of age spots.
  • neodymium taper. This method is also called deep laser rejuvenation or FT laser lifting. The procedure allows you to get an almost instant tightening effect, and there is no need to sanitize the patient's skin afterwards. Neodymium rejuvenation is considered a painless method, it also allows to get rid of spider veins and age spots.
  • Erbium Rejuvenation. This procedure is performed using an erbium laser and is essentially a laser resurfacing. It eliminates the upper layers of the epidermis, is considered fairly safe and can be successfully performed even on sensitive areas of the skin (e. g. around the eyes). Performing erbium rejuvenation helps smooth wrinkles and small scars, helps skin heal, improves its color, activates blood circulation and achieves good cleansing.
  • Partial taper. The laser beam is split into many thin beams that form a laser grating. It is she who acts on the skin, tightens it, eliminates wrinkles, the problem of sagging, pigmentation and post-acne.
  • Laser peeling. There are several variants of this rejuvenation procedure, which acts on the upper, middle or deep layers of the epidermis. To refresh the skin, get rid of small defects and the first wrinkles, you can limit yourself to a cold superficial peeling, more serious rejuvenation requires a deep effect. After such procedures, the skin needs a certain recovery period, during which it must be properly and conscientiously cared for.

Many beauticians consider laser procedures to be the best method of minimally invasive facial rejuvenation. Among them, you can choose the most effective anti-aging programs that will completely solve the current problems.

Aesthetic cosmetics

Skin rejuvenation cleansing

In principle, all of the above methods solve problems of an aesthetic nature to some extent. But most often the elimination of skin defects is carried out:

  • facial cleansingWe have already talked about cleaning, which is carried out using different devices. Separately, it is also worth mentioning the procedure of mechanical action, which the cosmetologist performs directly with her own hands, as well as various devices. Many women are sure that only mechanical cleaning can really get rid of visible skin problems, completely get rid of comedones and blackheads. And the manipulations performed by the cosmetologist minimize the risk of infection, help to narrow the pores and prevent new rashes. Usually cleaning is complemented by other cosmetic procedures.
  • Peel. Various chemical peels are popular, affordable and effective cosmetic procedures for facial rejuvenation. Its essence lies in the application of certain chemicals (acids) to the skin, which, as it were, etch out the cells of the epidermis. As a result, the skin is deeply cleansed and evened out, wrinkles, traces of pigment and post-acne disappear from it. There are many options for chemical peels, suitable for women of different ages and for owners of different skin types. In any case, the skin needs a certain recovery period after such rejuvenation procedures.

Basic facials can be offered at any beauty salon. However, they only have to be carried out by a specialist with a medical diploma.

Injection types of procedures

injectable facial rejuvenation

Many fairly effective anti-wrinkle procedures involve injections. These methods include:

  • mesotherapy. When performing mesotherapy, the doctor injects into the skin with injections cocktails of vitamin substances, hormones, enzymes, as well as plant extracts and medicines. Mixtures for injections are selected individually. They help to rejuvenate, tighten the skin, activate regeneration processes, eliminate small wrinkles and smooth larger ones, tighten the contours of the face. Mesotherapy helps to get rid of age spots, rosacea and post-acne spots. However, the effect of their use is not as pronounced as with more radical methods of rejuvenation. Cosmetologists believe that such a procedure is preventive and supportive.
  • contour plastic. This method is also known to most girls as using fillers. It consists in introducing a special gel into the tissue, which will fill the volume in the right places (including folds). As a result, the face acquires a youthful roundness, wrinkles around the mouth and the nasolabial fold are eliminated. The effect of using fillers disappears after 6-12 months, such substances simply dissolve and are removed from the tissues.
  • Botox. This is a fairly popular and affordable rejuvenation technique, the essence of which is the injection of botulinum toxin. This substance is a poison, but when used in cosmetology it does not have a toxic effect, but helps relax the muscles of the face. As a result, wrinkles are smoothed out (even deep ones) and the skin becomes more even. The effect of Botox injections is also short-lived.

Techniques of injection cosmetics can be practiced at a young age if there is an appropriate indication. Such procedures, when performed correctly, give excellent results.

care procedures

Facial skin massage for rejuvenation

Separately, it should be said about facial care procedures in a beauty salon, which do not imply active exposure, but give an excellent effect. Among them:

  • Manual massage. Cosmetologists assure that regular massages guarantee the preservation of youthful skin for many years. With regular practice, this procedure provides nutrition and hydration of the epidermis, stimulates the work of mimic muscles, maintains clear contours of the face and eliminates wrinkles. During the massage, the beautician first performs a light peeling, then performs a full-fledged massage effect with nutrients and finishes the procedure with an individually selected mask.
  • SPA procedures: oxygen products, clay masks, peeling, vitaminization, aromatherapy, etc. Regular implementation of the spa procedure allows you to take care of the beauty and health of the skin at a high level. Estheticians believe that proper facial care will reduce the need for more aggressive anti-aging treatments in the future.

In addition, permanent make-up as well as epilation and depilation can be assigned to the methods of aesthetic cosmetology. Such procedures are also performed in many small salons.

Of course, only a specialist beautician can determine which cosmetic procedures are best for the face. Modern developments allow you to choose salon care for different skin with different problems.